Dear Budokai,

Dear martial artists,


we have an excellent selection of products and successful brands that we constantly refine, improve and adapt to the times.

TOP TEN is a brand that has decisively shaped the history and development of contact sport and will continue to shape it. Just think of the head guards and gloves that were forward-looking in the 80s and still are today. HAYASHI a brand that has earned an excellent reputation for quality and reliability over the past few decades in traditional martial arts. Especially in the WKF karate, these products are used worldwide. With our brands Hayashi and TOP TEN, functionality, design and quality requirements come first, but with an excellent price-performance ratio.

But also for MMA, a rapidly growing martial art that is finding more and more supporters, we have designed a new TOP TEN MMA line with experts and designers. You can request the high-quality and functional MMA products in an extraordinary design from our own MMA catalog or at

We are not just a sporting gear manufacturer, we are also a big sponsor of the sport. Martial arts are developing rapidly all over the world and are now getting more and more attention in the media. Singapore hosted the first Youth Olympics.

With TOP TEN we were official equipment in boxing. Women's boxing is now also an Olympic sport - we were the official outfitter of the World Cup in Barbados. In Beijing, the first long-awaited "Sport Accord Combat Games 2010" took place under the supervision of the IOC. You could see it as an „Olympiad of recognized martial arts“. With TOP TEN we were the official equipment in WAKO Kickboxing But also the ITF Taekwondo, WAKO Kickboxing and WKF Karate Europe and World Championships take place with TOP TEN and Hayashi as official equipment.


We are proud of Bodoland because we live and love the sport.


Best regards

Peter Kruckenhauser