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Karate belt “Karate-Do” with embroidery

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The classical karate belongs to traditional equipment. Karateka’s wear a Gi, which consists of a pair of pants and an uwagi, an open jacket. This is closed with the Obi - belt. But the belt still has an important function, it shows with the different color gradations, the current level of performance of its wearer. The black belt of Hayashi is the introduction to the Dan grades of karate. Hayashi relies on particularly robust cotton quality. You keep your black belt in the following Dan levels, here is not set as in the student grades, on a repeated color subdivision. The particularly wide processing of 50 mm offers a handy Obi, which lays easily around your body despite multiple stitching. The golden embroidery of the Japanese characters makes the Obi something very special.

Additional advantages:

  • natural product because of 100% cotton
  • easy to tie
  • long-lasting quality
  • especially easy to clean

Like a black shadow of the night - the karate belt of Hayashi.

Black as the night is the high-quality cotton belt worked by Hayashi. The equally black stitching is visually barely visible and lies like a black shadow on the belt. They are therefore almost invisible but an important task. They are part of the sophisticated design process and give the Obi the necessary stability in the structure. So he is insensitive to tearing or tugging and just always stays in shape.

The path of the empty hand not only accompanies you in the dojo.

With the elaborate embroidery of the Japanese typeface “Karate-Do”, Hayashi lends the belt its very own character. Karate fights classic without weapons. It is about pure body control and above all a pure mind. Not only in the dojo, the training ground of the Karateka’s, body, and mind should also be in harmony. As a black belt you already know, karate is more than a sport, it is an attitude to life and to yourself.

Nerds were yesterday - today you are a Kuro Obi.

Let's not look at the word nerd so negative. To strive for something, to get excited about something, can never be wrong. Especially not when it comes to martial arts karate. In order to reach the black belt, you have certainly trained for years, usually several times a week, and you can justifiably wear the black belt.

Stay tuneful and reward yourself with the black Karate-Do karate-do by Hayashi.

More Information
Brand Hayashi
Delivery Time 2-3 Tage
Kind of Sport Karate
Color Black
Material 100 % cotton