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Shin and Instep Guard “Lowkick” WAKO

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Low kicks are a great styling tool to unbalance your opponent. With the WAKO “Lowkick” shin and instep guard you are perfectly protected during your attacks. With padding of high-quality IMF foam and a featherweight weight of only 440 g per schooner, you can compete properly. You will not be affected by this wearing of the protective equipment with this drawn from outside to inside leg technology. Fake leg and instep protector are connected by a flat neoprene protective lip and flow into each other fluently. Due to their excellent protective effect, this set of shinbone and instep protection is approved by the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations and is available in the competition colors blue and red.

Additional advantages:

  • multiple fixations
  • neoprene protective lip
  • IMF molded foam padding
  • Anti-slip lining
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Our movement artists - WAKO “Lowkick” shin and instep guard by TOP TEN.

Bring your opponent out of balance and use the “low-kick” shin and instep protection techniques, such as punches, kicks, and brushes in full force and speed. The shock absorbing padding is wrapped in a shell made of sturdy and durable synthetic leather. The fixation is done by 2 strong adhesive hook and loop closure, which are additionally reinforced via eyelets. Likewise, at the heel and foot pads, elastic straps are again to ensure a carefree feeling of movement. The ergonomic design of the WAKO-tested protective equipment easily adapts to your body structure.

Stay firm with the “Lowkick”.

Not only in attack, will this protective equipment convince you. Also for your safety that is taken care of. The sensitive shinbone area and instep of the foot are just below a layer of skin and are particularly vulnerable without proper protective equipment. These zones have further enhanced TOP TEN to give you even better protection. Despite the high level of safety, the full comfort of movement is maintained and also in terms of skin friendliness sets the “Lowkick” shin and instep guard with the “anti-slip” material new standards.

“Lowkick” - a term with many facets.

A low-kick is a versatile term that you can interpret differently. In some martial arts disciplines such as karate or Muay Thai is usually a fluid movement, a kick in full force and speed against the legs of the opponent meant. As a separate discipline in kickboxing Low Kick is counted to full contact kickboxing - here is the focus of a fight in the powerful kicks which decide on victory and defeat.

Get your opponent down to earth with TOP TEN's “Lowkick” Shin and Instep Guard.

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Delivery Time 2-3 Tage
Kind of Sport Kickboxing
Recognition WAKO