Freestanding Wing Chun Dummy

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With the Freestanding Wing Chin Dummy, Hayashi offers an alternative to the “Wooden Man” and has the training device made of durable plastic. Thus, the dummy is easy to transport when empty and thus makes your training studio mobile. The base can be filled with water, sand or gravel, which makes the dummy a stable training partner. The total of 6 arms and 2 legs are inserted into the trunk and screwed tight. After successful installation, up to 2 persons can train simultaneously on the Wing Chun Dummy. The plastic is easy to clean and has a subtle grain. The dummy is designed primarily for training southern Chinese fighting styles.

Additional advantages:

  • mobile training station
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • suitable for 2 persons
  • robust plastic with grain
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My name is Mook Yan Jong - Freestanding Wing Chun Dummy.

Hayashi has created an excellent alternative to the “Wooden Man” with the Plastic Wing Chun Dummy. The plastic companion unfilled is a true lightweight, making it mobile. The black base allows the trunk to sit centered and can be filled with sand, water or gravel, just over a large, closable opening. With this, your Mook Yan Jong is stable in almost every location and on the 2 legs and 6 arms, the Dummy 2 athletes can simultaneously be available as a pain-free training partner.

Discover a new training dimension.

The dummies have been in martial arts for centuries. No wonder, they have decisive advantages on their side. A Mook Yan Jong, Woodman or Pile of Balance as the famous Wing Chun Dummy are also called, always has time for you. Also, the dummy feels no pain and you cannot hurt it. Especially athletes with impact inhibitors can exercise their strokes, kicks, and combinations in full force and dynamism with a clear conscience. The used plastic of the Hayashi Freestanding Wing Chun Dummy is of high quality and has no sharp corners and edges for an injury-free training.

Automation technology from the Far East.

It's not for nothing that “practice does the trick”, and only when your moves are done automatically will you be able to concentrate fully on your opponent in combat. The Wing Chun Dummy gives you the opportunity to repeat your forms and techniques over and over again. Each repetition promotes neural networking and stores success and defeat in your brain.

Train the fascinating martial art of Wing Chun anytime, anywhere with the Hayashi Freestyle Wing Chun Dummy. Just bring it to your home in our online shop.

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