Mouth guard “ A-Predection” white/blue

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The “A-Protection” of TOP TEN is a 2-layer mouth guard for adults and teens from 11 years. In the front area, the “A-Protection” is increased, especially to protect the incisors from fractures or possible knockout. A joint ensures a good airflow and allows you to breathe well despite the mask. The blue plastic coating adapts perfectly to your teeth through the Boil & Bite procedure and gives the denture guard a perfect grip. The relief on the underside allows the splint to lie securely on the lower row of teeth and ensures a pleasant mouth feel. The “A-Protection” in white/blue comes in a hygienic storage box to you.

Additional advantages:

  • thermoplastic adaptation
  • anatomically preformed
  • 2-layer mask
  • very good protective effect

Tooth protection “A-Protection” by TOP TEN - protection of teeth in sporty form.

Not only its appearance promises a sporty white/blue character, but its features also make the “A-Protection” shine with maximum performance. The white outer splint is already anatomically preformed and is responsible as a firm part for high shock absorption and a robust appearance. Meanwhile, the soft blue material takes over the comfort and ensures a comfortable fit, as well as the individual fit. The detailed worked bottom allows the rows of teeth to lie firmly on each other and thus prevents unwanted slipping of the “A-Protection”. The central notch facilitates your breathing with a regulated air supply.

Armed to the teeth.

Who would have thought that? In Germany, a mouth guard is one of the protective weapons and can make you really trouble at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Especially at public events, such as football matches, concerts or demonstrations, the mere carrying of a mouth guard can lead to the assumption of violence. You can easily save the trouble. After cleaning, place the mouth guard in the supplied box and store it hygienically well packed with your training items.

This concerns us all - health protection.

Yeah, in the past we shared a soda in the schoolyard and pulled on the same cigarette - Bacteria and viruses did not interest us. But why now share the mouth guard right now? We want to promote health protection in sports and have therefore included tooth protectors in our hygiene program. In addition to controlled manufacturing processes, we also pay attention to flawless conditions during storage and packaging. Surely you have a great understanding that our hygiene products are excluded from return and exchange.

If you say A, you now also say “A-Protection” and get yourself a safe tool for your martial arts equipment with the TOP TEN mouth guard. Secure & easy right here in the Budoland online shop order.

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Delivery Time 2-3 Tage
Kind of Sport Boxing, Kickboxing, Taekwon-Do, Thai Boxing
Color White - Blue