Shin and Instep Guard “Lowkick”

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Here we go into great detail and provide you with the TOP TEN shin guard and instep guard “Lowkick” the indispensable protection for a permanently successful Lowkick training. Of course, the already appreciated TOP TEN quality deserves the WAKO label and is therefore also approved for competitions. Which features make the “Lowkick” your best choice when it comes to safety? First, it convinces with easy handling - the protector can be put on like a stocking. The perfect fit is ensured by the close-fitting neoprene back and the additional adhesive hook and loop strips. With a thickness of 28 mm, the padding on the front is particularly sturdy and easily withstands hard kicks in MMA or kickboxing. The durable synthetic leather leaves the shin and instep guard in its fit and makes it insensitive to external environmental influences.

Additional advantages:

  • extra thick padding
  • robust artificial leather front
  • elastic neoprene back
  • WAKO approval

The best protection for hard bones - shin protection and instep protection “Lowkick” from TOP TEN.

Anyone who competes in martial arts disciplines such as MMA, Muay Thai or kickboxing, will know Lowkicks, kicks with the shin. Especially beginners are scared of the severity of the kicks and the pain that may be associated with them. Here the TOP TEN shin and instep guards “Lowkick” provide the ideal entry point and allow a largely subdued training, despite full impact energy. But also the professionals among you, we will be able to convince with the ease of use and the ideal fit of the protector.

The material mix makes a difference.

TOP TEN uses especially functional materials for the “Lowkick”. While many Neoprene only know about wet sports, TOP TEN also uses trendy material in its protective gear. Neoprene is an extremely stretchy material but always returns to its original shape. A “leaching” is thus excluded with the neoprene cuffs and a non-slip seat even after numerous missions still guaranteed. On the front, the padding, with a thickness of 28 mm, offers the best possible protection in a shell made of 100% resistant synthetic leather.

Metabolic processes increase your efficiency.

Surely you are wondering how a shin and instep guard can positively affect your metabolism? The highlight here is the neoprene. What is usually frowned upon becomes a special effect with the “Lowkick” - the lack of breathability. This will store the heat directly in the muscle. When implemented, this heat can cause targeted muscle growth and thus a considerable increase in your performance.

Increase your performance and let hard kicks speak with the tibia and instep guard “Lowkick” by TOP TEN.

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