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Karategi (Kata & Kumite)

Karate-Gi - the attitude is important.

What does someone look like who is successful? He fills the room with his body, stands upright, with his legs he has a firm footing, like a century-old tree that can not be affected by wind and weather. The head and gaze are slightly upwards, which automatically opens the chest and gives the heart more space. You wonder where you get the confidence and the technique for it? Very easily. Watch a karateka move. In his white karate suit, he stands in front of the competition in an expressive pose in front of the mat. There are all the same, especially in karate. That is why karate suits are mostly white. This rule goes back to its origins when all layers of China, from peasants to professors, wanted to learn martial arts. Master Funakoshi made no difference among his students and dresses everyone in the typical white tracksuits made of cotton, the Gi. The only indicator that shows the level of performance of each karateka is the colored obi (belt), which is tied above the gi. By the way, you already get such a suit as a beginner. Mostly you start with a light material between 8-10 ounces per square yard. Sheer fabric plays a key role in the so popular Karate sound effect of the “SNAP” in fast and perfect movements in kata.

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  1. HEIAN
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “HEIAN”
    SKU: 020
    From €24.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  2. KINSA
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “KINSA”
    SKU: 021
    From €23.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  3. Gakusei
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Gakusei”
    SKU: 019
    From €19.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  4. Premium Kumite
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Premium Kumite”
    SKU: 0473
    From €119.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “TENNO PREMIUM II”
    SKU: 0491
    From €119.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  6. TENNO
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “TENNO” (WKF approved)
    SKU: 027
    From €114.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  7. Tenno Yama
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Tenno Yama” (WKF approved)
    SKU: 0291
    From €122.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  8. Reikon
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Reikon” (WKF Approved)
    SKU: 044
    From €69.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “KUMITE” (WKF approved)
    SKU: 025
    From €59.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  10. Kirin
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Kirin”
    SKU: 022
    From €38.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  11. Katamori
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Katamori” (WKF approved)
    SKU: 0295
    From €164.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  12. Champion Flexz
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Champion Flexz” (WKF approved)
    SKU: 043-k1
    From €149.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  13. Legend
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Legend”
    SKU: 028
    From €119.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “TRADITION”
    SKU: 046
    From €99.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “KYOKUSHINKAI”
    SKU: 026
    From €84.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
  16. Kamiza
    Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Kamiza”
    SKU: 024
    From €79.99
    Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
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Comfortable as a pajama and as elegant as a tuxedo - the karate-gi.

Hayashi - Karate-Gi “Katamori” sets body tension in the scene.

In the kata area, athletes pay special attention to special details. The trouser legs and sleeves are shorter than those of the kumite suits. But the jacket (Uwagi) is a little longer cut. The shape of a kata suit is deliberately chosen to assess the individual postures and the entire body tension from the outside. This is further enhanced by the right material selection during production. Hayashi has put on 100% prewashed cotton here. At around 13 oz, the “Katamori” is one of the heavier suits. But this is the only way to create the “snap-effect” that is so popular among karatekas with perfectly executed movements. What sounds like a whip-bang makes the heart of karateka beat faster. The outstanding qualities, in combination with high and durable quality, have also convinced the World Karate Federation and officially approved the Katamori.

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Karate-Gi “Champion Flexz” - thoroughly tested.

With the champion Flexz from Hayashi you can start in the kumite area. The relatively light suit is made of special blended fabric and thus deviates from the traditions of pure cotton suits. Thereby it is possible to offer you a suit with new and unique features. In particular, the mesh inserts in several areas, such as back, knee and underarm area provide a unique body climate. The formation of sweat can be reduced to a minimum, depending on the athlete, and resulting moisture is released immediately to the outside. Also in terms of stability and strength, the Champion Flexz the cotton suits enough. The Gi has been tested and approved by the WKF (World Karate Federation).

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When Simple becomes Premium - the Karate-Gi “Premium Kumite”.

A Gi has a traditional cut. A Gi is white. A Gi is sturdy. Your Gi is premium. The Premium Kumite suit by Hayashi is again a piece of innovative design art. Completely new to the developers, the back section with the use of flowing mesh strips in an attractive look succeeded. Nevertheless, the suit does not lose its properties of a robust combat suit due to so much air. The spandex insert in the crotch area provides even more freedom of movement, which also allows stretching and acrobatic elements without any problems. This Gi you can order in your “real size”, as it does not like pure cotton-gi`s, due to the material due to the material.

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The perfect starter set - the karate-gi “Heian”.

Everything is possible. Whether you find your strengths in Kumite or Kata, Heian is the perfect all-rounder in training. Who has the time to change for each style? Rather use the time to workout on the mat and enjoy the benefits of a classic Gi`s. The blend of cotton and polyester gives the Gi a comfortable fit. The elastic waistband with lacing makes it even easier for beginners to wear sportswear. Since the Heian is also available in small sizes, from 110 m body size, he is also for kids the perfect entry-level gi. Like its big counterparts, the suit ensures a pleasant body climate and is extremely skin-friendly due to its high cotton content.

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Say it without words - the power of body language.

Belly in and chest out. This has always belonged to 1x1 body language. No other sport like karate will help you to learn a perfect posture. Your teacher will correct you in training, especially at the beginning, over and over again in your posture. Even the smallest uncleanness in the execution, the trained coach eye can read your Gi. The suits are like an enhancer of body language. So if you want to express yourself clearly and clearly, in karate you will be in the right gi, without any words.