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One of the hardest karate styles in the world is the Kyokushinkai Karate. In this full-contact sport, it is in a duel right to the point. In contrast to the special requirements of the sport, the designers of Hayashi saw themselves and for the first time made jacket and trousers made of different fabrics in the karate suit “Kyokushinkai”. The jacket has a fabric density of 12 ounces and is the same as the feel of your summer jeans. The pants are also made of 100% cotton for more freedom of movement but in light 10-ounce quality. The lacing of the pants gives it a tight fit and also supports your midsection. Both low and high kicks can be performed without interference. The karate suit “Kyokushinkai” is your first choice in Khion training as well as in later combat training.

Additional advantages:

  • pure cotton gi
  • Jacket with short-cut sleeves
  • Pants with laces
  • wide

3 x 3 minutes in karate suit “Kyokushinkai” by Hayashi.

Exactly 3 x 3 minutes go in full contact karate Kyokshinkai the combat rounds. In these minutes, you need to be able to concentrate fully on your opponent. How good that your karate suit is so uncomplicated and yet thoughtful. With its short-cut sleeves and reinforced hem edges, the jacket is not comparable to other Gi`s. The demands of your sport could not be more diverse. From breathing techniques, kata and kumite styles, break tests and endurance, full contact karate demands everything from you.

Tradition in a new guise.

Based on the traditional karate, the sportswear of the Kyokushinkai is based on a conventional Gi. However, small changes make a big difference. The biggest one is probably the different density of jacket and pants. Here, our designers took various requirements as a template and found the perfect combination. This karate suit gives you a feeling of freedom without sacrificing the natural protective effect.

Ensures rapid regeneration.

Cotton protects your body by its natural properties from heat accumulation in the suit, just as it warms perfectly in short periods of rest. Keeping your muscles at “operating temperature” can significantly reduce recovery time for relaxation and you can get back on the mat quickly.

Are you ready for full contact karate? The karate suit “Kyokushinkai” is it.

More Information
Brand Hayashi
Delivery Time 2-3 Tage
Kind of Sport Karate
Color White
Kata or Kumite Kata, Kumite
Material 100 % cotton